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Strategy Evaluation

Evaluating whether and how a client’s strategic choices will realise their desired business outcomes and identifying the pre-conditions for each strategy to succeed.

Strategic Business Planning

Preparing strategic and business plans for clients and assisting them to bring together and to simplify large-scale complex planning exercises.

Financial analysis

Preparing and evaluating business cases to support senior management decision-making.


Designing and evaluating governance processes and structures at both a project and corporate level.

Public policy analysis

Helping clients identify the public policy problem, the feasible options for responding to that problem, the costs and benefits associated with each course of action and choosing between the options.

Commercial dispute resolution

Representing clients in the settlement of multi-million dollar commercial disputes in a broad range of fields, including energy, IT and construction.

Project management of litigation

Helping clients get control over large-scale complex litigation and, in conjunction with the client’s legal team, identifying and working with other experts to assist the client with the timely resolution of the proceedings.